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Industry Directory


The Serious Games Directory is designed to be an online, international resource for publishers, developers, vendors curriculum planners, faculty, parents — anyone seeking information on games and sims available for purchase or licensing, or just to learn more about.

When completed, the directory will have several sections, including

  • Games for Learning
  • Corporate Games/Sims
  • Government/Military Sims
  • Health/Medical Training Sims/Games
  • Games for Good

But also sections for

  • Developers available for contract work
  • Design consultants
  • Market Analysts
  • Technology Vendors
  • Assessment Tool
  • Universities with Serious Games Curriculums

Individuals who become members of the Serious Games Association will be eligible to list either a product or service annually.

Corporate members may to list up to four products or services annually.

Sustaining members can an unlimited number of titles.

All members will receive discounts to attend the Serious Play Conference.

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